Drain Patch Repairs

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) patch repairs are an extremely cost effective way to repair defects within a drain pipe. The repair patch is attached to a packer and inflated over the defect restoring the structural stability of the original pipe. Drain patch repairs require no digging and cause minimal disruption making them one of the most affordable drain repair solutions. Contact us today for a free patch repair quote.

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"No-Dig" Drain Patch Repair Services

If a drain becomes damaged we offer a range of repair techniques to fix the problem. The method used will depend upon the extent and seriousness of the damaged pipe.

We strive to limit disruption to our customers and provide them with the most affordable fix, and when possible drain patch repairs are our go-to solution to fix the problem.

A drain patch repair is a “no dig” or “trenchless” solution that doesn’t require excavation, resulting in a speedy reliable fix that won’t dent your pocket.

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Drain Patch Repairs

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What Are Drain Patch Repairs and When Are They Used?

If only a small section of drain pipe needs repairing (<1000mm), patch repairs are a cost-effective alternative to drain re-lining.

Often used to repair cracked, leaking or misaligned joints in drain pipes, the patch is a short sleeve of glass-reinforced matting impregnated with a resin solution. The repair patch is attached to an inflatable backer and inserted into your drain pipe and maneuvered into position over the defect. The packer is inflated and the repair patch conforms to the inner structure of the pipe where it will cure and bond to the existing pipework. Once the curing process is complete (1-2 hours), the packer is removed restoring the structural stability of the original pipe

Patch Repair Key Features and Benefits

  • “No-Dig” resulting in cost savings vs. a repair requiring excavation
  • Fast installation
  • Restores structural integrity of drain pipe
  • Prevents water ingress and root ingress at the point of repair.

How Long Will The Patch Repair Last?

The lining material we use provides a 50-year life span. We only use the most up to date sewer and drain repair methods and materials which adhere to WRc criteria to ensure all work is carried out to water authority standards.