Grease Trap Cleaning Hocker Edge

If you operate a pub, restaurant or commercial kitchen in Hocker Edge, keeping your grease trap clean and clear of grease build up is of the upmost importance. Our grease trap cleaning service in Hocker Edge helps prevent drain blockages and bad odors by professionally cleaning and safely disposing of the waste. For more information, request a grease trap cleaning quote today!

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Grease traps or grease interceptors are located between a commercial kitchens drain, and the main sewer system in order to separate food waste, fats, oils and grease (FFOG) from the used water, and prevent such materials from entering the public wastewater system.

Our expert team uses state of the art commercial grease trap cleaning equipment to clean your grease traps thoroughly and efficiently. All harmful waste will be properly disposed of and we aim to keep any disruption to your business to a minimum.

Grease Trap Cleaning

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The Importance of Grease Interceptor Cleaning in Hocker Edge

If you’re responsible for the upkeep of a restaurant, pub, hotel, or other commercial kitchen or food processing plant, then you likely rely upon a grease trap to prevent fats and other food waste from entering and potentially causing blockages within your drainage system.

Proper installation and regular ongoing maintenance is important to ensure your grease interceptor functions as intended. A neglected or improperly maintained grease trap can cause major headaches and disruption to your business, so investing in a regular maintenance schedule is definitely worthwhile.

Grease trap blockages can be a pain to deal with (not to mention the potential downtime and loss of earnings a blockage could cause to you business), and if food waste deposited in the grease trap is left to rot, this can cause pungent smells and even release toxic gases such as sulfates which can lead to damage of your grease trap, so keeping things in full-working order should be a top priority.

Whatever type of grease trap your business has installed, passive or automatic, or whether it’s located inside or outside, they will require regular cleaning. If you’d like to get set up with a regular grease trap maintenance program, or require ad-hoc grease trap cleaning or unblocking, the team at First 4 Drains can help. Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements.